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Jeramie's Umbrella

Get to know me a little more!

Jeramie Regis Sr

Proud husband, Father

and Godfather

Quality Assurance

Quality Engineer

Supplier Quality

Incoming Inspection

Post Market Surveillance


Short Videography

Website Support



Brand Culture Director

Program Director

Marketing Content Creator

Public Speaker


Husband, Father and Godfather

I am a proud husband of my childhood lover Daisy. Daisy and I have been together for over 21 years with two loving sons that we are blessed to call our pride and joy. I am also a Godfather to 9 of the most amazing  Godchildren. 


Photography, Short Videography, Website Support, and Entertainment

TRF Entertainment LLC aka The Regis Family Entertainment has been in business since 2019. We offer a wide range of photography including food, sports and more. We also offer short videography for marketing press conferences and more. We can provide marketing content such as digital flyers. Due to the high demand of additional technical services we now offer website support as we have experience in using platforms such as WIX. If you are in need of creating a website, editing a website, or fully managing a website. TRF Entertainment is your one stop shop. Lastly, we offer a wide range of entertainment. We host events of all sizes, have performing vocal artist(s), Dj's and have sound systems for small events and parades. Also under our entertainment umbrella we also create and managed the merchandising behind our artist(s). Visit to see the merchandise.

We actively provide services to the Roslindale National Night Out, The Roslindale Parade, St. Patrick's Day Parade, Bunker Hill Day Parade, Dominican Parade, Score 4 More, The Dorchester House, Dedham House of Pizza, Stevie's Milton, WWOC Radio, African American Brand, The 20 Music, Jyshoun Sings, Smyly Sickwitit, FLOODED Clothing, LineBacker Performance, AfroDesiaCity, Boston City Councilors and more.

Quality Assurance, Quality Engineer, Supplier Quality, Incoming Inspection and Post Market Surveillance

Professional with an engineering background with training in quality assurance, quality engineering, supplier quality and medical devices. Over 10 years of quality management skills with audit experience. I have worked for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Quanterix, Fresenius Medical Care, Optos, Zyno Medical and more.


I am a proud philanthropist for the state of Massachusetts. I continue to volunteer and donate to causes that improve and support the low income communities. I have served on Corporate Social Responsibility teams to provide support to battered women shelters, food for the homeless, meals for low income family as well as secret Santa charities. I have also volunteered as a coach in local schools and community schools of which I have also mentored while educating on professional career development. I become more passionate as time passes and still have the urge to offer more as I continue to learn and obtain new resources.

"A roof over my head and dirt under my feet will always be a good day to me".

-Jeramie Regis Sr

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